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Due to Excessive Drought in Lake Mead we are not scheduling any B-29 dives at this time. The water level has reached an uncomfortably low level where there are no launch ramps accessible where we need to enter to get to the B-29.

Please add yourself to our B-29 Contact list below and we will notify you when we are running again.


Thank you for your understanding.
Joel Silverstein, VP COO
Tech Diving Limited

A Dive Day on the B-29 includes:

  • Educational orientation about the B-29.(Via Teleconference and Video)
  • Transport via vessel to the B-29 Overton Dive site in Lake Mead.- We Leave from Echo Bay
  • Two guided tours of the B-29 dive site with up to 40 minutes on the bottom. (gas supply permitting) (CCR up to 60 min) .
  • Snacks and beverages are provided.

The B-29 is in approximately 118 feet of freshwater.

Once you select your date the spot is yours. Only paid reservations are valid reservations.

  • Minimum certification: ADVANCED NITROX and DECOMPRESSION PROCEDURES and a minimum of 50 dives experience over the previous 16 months. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • B-29 Dives are NON-REFUNDABLE for ANY REASON
    if for some reason we cannot get out because of the weather we will accommodate you on another available date during our permit time.
    We suggest DAN Travel Insurance if you are traveling in from out of the local region.
  • Rental tanks are available and must be reserved in advance.
    All divers are to be fully familiar with their own gear. Gear we deem unsafe will not be used.
    We do NOT carry spare gear on board. If you need rentals please arrange that in advance.

The B-29 Bomber is located inside the Lake Mead National Park just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Recommended hotel near Lake Mead. www.hooverdamlodge.com

Make your reservation now for this outstanding dive.

If you have questions and you meet the certification requirements contact: Joel Silverstein at this link.
B-29 Dive Questions