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Suunto HELO2 Mixed Gas Dive Computer

Suunto HELO2 Mixed Gas Dive Computer

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  • No one denies that diving is a fantastic sport Technical diving goes many steps beyond and is a way of life. The Suunto Helo2 TRIMIX dive computer simplifies and adds flexibility to the process of planning and executing a dive by enabling divers to use past dive data, including profiles and gases, to plan out their up-coming dives.

    The Helo2 employs the RGBM algorithm, which extends decompression flexibility. Basically, the RGBM algorithm figures out how you can make the most of your time underwater. It also reduces risk when decompressing by eliminating the need to keep an eye on your watch and decompression tables.

    The algorithm introduces helium tissue groups into the decompression model to enable TRIMIX diving, as well as diving on air and NITROX. It allows you to program eight gases as primary or secondary gases, and enables an oxygen content of 8% to 100%, and a helium content of 0% to 92%. In addition to increasing decompression flexibility, the algorithm also reduces your decompression task load by removing the need to constantly monitor a slate and watch.

    Suunto Multi-gas Dive Planner - part of the updated Suunto Dive Manager PC software - is designed to simplify the planning of dive profiles, gases, and back-up plans. The easy-to-use graphical planner allows you to try variations of depth, time, gases, and partial pressures without having to continually recalculate. The planner calculates all changes instantly and presents the results on an easy-to-read graph.

    When ready, you can simply transfer information relating to planned gases, and other dive-critical data, from the PC to your dive computer with the included USB cable - removing the need to copy all the calculations onto a slate. The dive planner also gives you gas mixing instructions for your planned dive, which you can print out and take to a dive shop if you're not mixing yourself.

    The Suunto Multi-gas Dive Planner enables you to plan dive series based on your actual dive profiles - not planned dive profiles - making the plans for later dives in the series more accurate. The planner also allows you to compare the planned dive and the actual dive by supporting the analysis of up to eight gases. This also helps you pinpoint elements of both your planning and diving that may need some fine-tuning. The wrist module is powered by a user replaceable 3v CR2450 lithium battery. Computer comes with a Gauge Face Protector, Manuals on DVD, Quick Guide and Dive Legal Leaflet.

    Writing in a log book is time consuming and if you don't have good handwriting illegible Log books are small and difficult to fill in the blanks The Suunto PC Interface is for uploading logbook dives to a PC in order to optionally store and organize the data, computer statistics, simulate dives and personalize the logbook file Rather than filling out the logbook, just print out your log sheets to prove your diving experience. The wire-less transmitter allows you the benefit of receiving cylinder pressure data direct to your wrist. The transmitter also provides a gas alarm for low tank pressure. Transmitter is powered by a user replaceable 3V lithium battery CR 1/2AA .

Suunto "HelO2" Hoseless Wrist Mixed Gas Diving Computer with Transmitter Features

  • Suunto HelO2 Hoseless Mixed Gas Computer with Transmitter:
  • Ultimate Mixed Gas Dive Computer
  • Dive Manuals on DVD, Quick Guide
  • Dive Legal Leaflet
  • Computer Features:
  • Automatic safety stop countdown timer
  • Depth Rating: 393' (120 meters)
  • Eight (8) gas switching
  • Gas: Air, nitrox. Trimix
  • Suunto technical RGBM algorithm
  • Deep stops
  • Matrix display
  • Graphical display of dive profile
  • Two (2) operating modes (mixed gas, gauge)
  • PC interface
  • Altitude Adjustment: 0' to 10,000' (0 to 3,000 meters)
  • Extended decompression range (ceiling, floor)
  • Audible alarms, including maximum depth
  • Display option: Metric or imperial units
  • User Replaceable CR2450 Lithium Battery
  • Transmitter Features:
  • Monitor Air (or Mixed Gas) Pressure from Your Wrist
  • Numerically Displayed on Wrist Computer
  • Tank Pressure Alarm
  • User Replaceable 3V Lithium Battery CR 1/2AA
  • Two Years (100 Dives per year) Battery Expectancy
  • Download Cable Features:
  • Precise Information
  • Print Out Legible Dive Sheets
  • PC Based Program
  • Stores and Organizes Dive Data
  • Simplify the Planning of Dive Profiles, Gases, and Back-Up Plans
DOES NOT Include Tank Pod

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